Good News Bad News

First, the bad news:

Most Americans are living wretched, poverty-stricken, uniquely miserable lives. At least, that’s what you’d believe if you read a new Tumblr called “We are the 99 percent,” which puts a face to the thousands of protesters currently getting pepper sprayed and arrested around Wall St. these days. Here’s a super sad example:

I’m an 66 yr old ex-sailing yacht skipper, ex-gold smith. The yacht sunk and the gold went through the roof. The upper middle class that were my customers is gone. No more income, debt to my landlady, food or rent?  I am also the 99%.

You may enjoy the blog best while listening to a lonely violin play a sad song.

But in good news, Steven Pinker writes in his new book that we are living in the least-violent period in human civilization. He tells Metro New York:

“Most of us are extremely lucky to be living in the current era, where any one of us has a very small chance of dying violently. That wasn’t always true of human history. But I don’t think we’re going to go back to burning heretics at the stake any time soon.”

That’s great, huh?! Well, don’t get too excited, because if you’re not getting chopped down by a machete, it’s likely that you’ll die of an infectious airborne disease.

— Jordan


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