Where the West lives

Yesterday the landlord replaced the locks on our apartment, and when I came home around midnight, no one was there to let me in. I had already passed a man who seemed to be jogging with no pants on as he attempted to masturbate, and faced a near death experience at the hands of a reckless cyclist who was very stylishly dressed in plaid by the time I arrived to our locked, dark Bushwick den. I sat on my stoop among my softly melting groceries and couldn’t help but think that maybe this edgy New York City lifestyle isn’t for me. Once my roommate arrived with the keys and chased away the enormous rodents that were already beginning to nest in my hair, my big city blues lifted. But it’s still an important question: Where in the world am I, and why?

With that in mind we’re profiling some cities that are great for young people, with help from our large staff of foreign corresp — ahem, kind friends who live in far away places. 

First up, my place of birth, Denver, Colorado! Some of my favorite things about Denver: delicious, spicy, cheap Mexican food, sunny weather all year round, and clean air.

Jessica Williams, a senior at the University of Denver and my friend since elementary school, answered some questions about the mile high city.

Plastics Blog: Do you know any cowboys? Tell us about them.

Jessica: I met a homeless man once who called himself Cowboy. He was nice, but crazy.

PB: Is there anything about Denver that makes you want to run away and move to another city?

JW: Sometimes traffic is obnoxious, but that makes me want to run away from cities in general.

PB: Could you give us a rough estimate of Denver’s hipsters to bros ratio?

JW: Of course it varies from one part of the city to the next, but I would say in general, two bros for every hipster.

PB: How much do you pay for rent? What is the general price range for a decent two-bedroom apartment in a fun part of town?

JW: My roommates and I pay $1400/mo for a 3 bedroom house near the university, and that’s the lower end of the price range for a house like that. I would guess that for a two-bed place in a fun part of town rent would be around $1,000 to $1,500 if you’re not looking for anything fancy.

PB: Describe the best “Only in Denver” or “only in the mountains close to Denver” activity you’ve ever done.

JW: Coors tour! [Ed note: The Coors tour is a guided walk through the Coors brewery, in Golden, CO. At the end of it you get a free beer.]

— Arielle


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