One on one with my babysitter

There’s an old saying that goes, “Babysitters know everything.”

Before she was a full-time nurse and a wife, Susanne spent a lot of time taking care of my brother and I. We had a lot of fun. We still hang out and watch Boy Meets World and make tie-dye tee-shirts sometimes.

I’ve learned a lot from Susanne over the years. Now that I’m older we often talk about growing up and life in general. She was able to answer all of my questions today because, obviously, she is very wise.

Jordan: What do kids know that adults don’t know?

Susanne: I think kids know how to love unconditionally. I think kids know how to trust fairly and I think kids know when people are not good people and when people are good people. They can tell the difference rather quickly .

I think as they grow they sort of lose that quality, which is a shame.

Jordan: What did you like about being 21?

Susanne: I only had to worry about myself. I worked as much as I needed in order to have money to play with and I didn’t have the responsibilities of household and car payments.

You don’t worry about health insurance or life insurance like you do when you’re older, when you’re married and have kids and those worries of life. 21 is a very carefree age.

Jordan: Do you think time moves faster as you get older?

Susanne: I remember summers being extremely long and just seeming like they were never-ending. Now summer seems to go by in the blink of an eye and then fall’s here already …

When you’re younger you’re really enjoying that time. You’re doing fun, exciting things. When you’re older it’s just a set Monday through Friday. You go to work and then you have the weekend of maybe some recreation and fun. But the work week is longer than the fun weekend.

Jordan: Now let’s talk more about me. I really sucked at the GRE the other day. Do you think I should still try to go to grad school?

Susanne: I think that it’s just such a great opportunity. It’s something that you want to finish in your early 20s  because, speaking from experience, it’s not something you’ll want to do later on. You don’t want to go to school in your 30s.

I think you’re a great student. I think you excel in that arena and I think you will finish quickly and I don’t think there could be one drawback from you doing it. Except the tuition bill.

Jordan: What should your priorities be at 21? Should 21-year-olds act more like they’re 16 or more like they’re 30?

Susanne: That’s a really tough question. I think if I had the answer to that I’d be a pretty successful person in writing self help books or something.  I think they need to set goals and priorities… and I think they  need to find out how to get to what they want. But I think there are still some people who don’t know what they want to be when they grow up when they’re 21. Or 30 for that matter.

Jordan: Do you ever really feel totally sure of what you’re doing? Do you ever stop doubting?

Susanne: No. I think once you start feeling overly confident and cocky you stop learning and you stop progressing in anything you do.

I think you should always have the mindset that there’s always something more — something more you can learn, something more you can do to bring what you’re doing up a notch and further yourself in anything you’re doing.

Jordan: So uncertainty is good?

Susanne: I think so. I think it’s what drives us.


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