Give your mind to science.

It’s a jungle out there, guys. And sometimes you’ve got to be the guinea pig to survive.

That’s what college senior Amanda DeLuise would tell you. Since sophomore year, she’s been participating in psychology experiments to make money on the side. This year, after long internship hours forced her to give up her paying job, the money she makes from experiments is her only source of income.

It’s not as sketchy as you’d think.

Amanda subscribes to a listserv through the psychology department, and responds to posts that fit with her schedule. Sometimes the experiments are as simple as answering questions on a computer. At a recent gig, the experiment was like a game, where the participants  picked out points on a circle.

“I’ve probably only made like 50 bucks so far [this semester] because I hardly have time to do them. But that’s not bad,” she says. “If I did them every week consistently I’d be making probably like 20 bucks a week. Not bad for doing nothing.”

Of course, she has heard of a few sketchy experiments…

“I know my roommate did one where like, she had to watch all these really disturbing images and it was like monitoring her heart rate or some shit,” she says. “Or there was one where she’d get shocked.”

But Amanda stays clear of those, she says, and so should you!

Meanwhile, the pay is good. She says she’s seen pay days between 5 and 100 dollars, and usually walks away with at least 10 dollars. And the time commitment is minimal, from a few minutes to an hour.

So try it out, and definitely don’t do anything that involves electric shocks. Sounds like a good deal. Think about it: you’ll only need to do about 100 experiments a week to pay off your student debt!


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