Graduation Nightmare

So I was at the beach when somehow I was rounded up and placed on a bus. The understanding was that I was being taken somewhere where I would be killed.

Somewhere on the journey, I summoned my courage and jumped off the bus onto the highway. There I wandered until I found a gas station. I was thirsty and all I wanted was orange juice, but I couldn’t find any in the store.

Outside my classmates were preparing for graduation. In my dream the graduation was at my old high school, which happened to be just down the road. Eventually everyone started leaving but I still hadn’t started getting dressed.

Finally I pulled out my cap and gown, but I put the gown on backwards by accident and for some reason I had to detach a veil from the back of the cap with a zipper. Then I sprinted for miles and caught up with my class.

Cheerleaders were already on the field doing an expressive dance. I found my family up in the bleachers and sat with them. My mom noticed that my watch was running on the wrong time and wanted me to fix it.

Then in a bizarre climax, a girl from high school I marginally knew came up to my mom to thank her for several ceramic bowls that she had given her, but requested a plate to go with it so that she could eat a waffle. My mom said she would see what she could do. Meanwhile I was furious because I thought the girl was being ungrateful and rude for asking for additional gifts.

The last thing I remember was moving to sit away from my family, watching the cheerleaders, still brooding about the plates and the bowls.

Then I woke up.

Now I have to finish my assignment that’s due at 3:30.

If anyone would like to interpret this dream in the comment section feel free to do so.


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