Arielle Milkman and Jordan Teicher write Plastics.

We hope it will serve as a resource for young people who are thinking about the choices ahead of them.

Email us atĀ plasticseditors@gmail.com.


2 Comments on “About”

  1. Harvey Milkman says:

    There seems to have been a bit of an uproar over use of the word ‘leverage’ in a recent Plastics post. As fate would have it…Urban Dictionary explains all.

    November 30
    A buzzword used by management and those who aspire to become management. It used to describe an advantage gained by using a tool. Later it became a term used to describe corporate debt. For example, a leveraged buy-out is one where the buyer has to borrow money in order to buy the other company.

    After much mis-use, the word leverage no-longer describes anything or have any meaning to anyone who has ever worked in an office.

    in business circles this word is most commonly used in place of the word ‘use’.
    Steve: Can we take this off-line, I’m hungry. I’m going to leverage a sandwich.
    Paula: Great idea, I could also leverage some food.
    Steve: Come on then, we can leverage my car to get to the sandwich leverager.
    Paula: Good leverage, we should leverage your leverage so we’ll leverage
    Steve: Leverage

    Now everything had been clarified, n’est-ce pas?
    Your leverage advisor
    Harvey Milkman

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